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Gate2Marketing offers services to promote your country, city or region in the most effective way, optimise your strategic and tactical marketing plans and helps sustainably grow the tourism of your area. This is us. The two owners of Gate2Marketing, ready to boost your destination!


Sophie Nyström-Andersson has 16 years of experience working with international marketing in several European countries and has lived in the Netherlands, the UK, Germany, France in different periods. Strong competence in international marketing with many years of experience in content marketing, media collaboration, media buying and influencing marketing.

Her experience includes developing international promotions for strong brands: Coca-Cola, Leffe, Jaguar for several European countries both as Project Manager / Account Director at Creative Bureaus, as well as Campaign Manager at Canon Europe, where we had a strong focus on our campaigns to develop credible content and focus on storytelling. Her most recent experience was at Visit Sweden as head of the Netherlands. 

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Marit Noorlander has a strong background in online marketing, communication and PR. She worked for more than 14 years in the events business, where she was responsible for the promotion, PR and marketing policy of various festivals and large-scale public events. She has several top 10 festivals in the Netherlands to her name, including Parkpop, Rotterdam Unlimited and Summer Carnival.

She fulfilled her last job at Visit Sweden, where she led the campaigns for the Dutch market. Marit is a true online specialist with an in-depth knowledge on all assets within the online marketing field. From strategy through to advertising, SEO, conversion optimization, social media management and content creation. 

Gate2Marketing brought the marketing for Swedish destinations on a new level with strong focus on the commercial targets of their clients. The right market insights and a dedicated knowledge about the customer journey in vacation planning is the key to success

Manager Marketing & Sales Scandlines Germany
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Gate2Marketing took over the media cooperations within the campaign German.Spa.Tradtions of the German Tourism Board in the Dutch market. They were very professional – both in terms of negotiations with the media and our internal cooperation. Sophie and Marit always brought in their own ideas, were very fast and at the same time careful in the implementation – and last but not least: very much fun to work with!

PR & communications Manager, Germany Travel, Amsterdam
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We love to work with Gate2Marketing. They are highly experienced in marketing, very professional and easy to work with. G2M help us customise our campaigns and they work as the link between us and all suppliers and media partners globally. That saves us a lot of time and effort. As a client you always get the feeling you have all of their attention and engagement

Marketing Director Tourism in Skåne, Sweden
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